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Benzai Ten (Naked Sarasvati)

Benzai Ten (Naked Sarasvati)
(14.5cm width, 11.5cm depth, 18.7cm height, body height 13cm)
by Zuiun Matsuda
$8000 USD
A Japanese cypress wood colored image 2003
296kb Benzaiten Naked Video
Windows Media Player 9 can be downloaded from here
Benzaite is the goddess of plentiful water and her manifestation is said to be a white snake.
Japanese painting techniques are required. Painting on the surace of wood is more harder than a general painting. We use special materials,such as an adhesive (nikawa), Japanese chalk (gofun), powdered mineral pigments (iwa-enogu), Japanese ink (sumi), and gold leaf and so on.
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