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Hiten (The angel)

Hiten (The angel)
(26.5x15.9x48.2cm 1996 New York Exhibition Work )
by Zuiun Matsuda
$12600 USD
A Japanese cypress wood colored image 1996 New York Exhibition
259kb The Hiten Flying Video
Windows Media Player 9 can be downloaded from here
Hiten (The angel)s live in Buddha's Bliss land, and they are praising Buddha's virtues
and sometimes appeare from nowhere to offer someting good to people. When I was about to get up on one morning in 1995, she appeared before me and said "Live forever trusting that you are a happiest man in the world", then she disappeared. It was a very novel experience to me. So, I made this statue. in fact she was twinkling Like a star. This statue strapped to rocket boots flying over the Manhattan skyline. Though Two buildings of a plinth are World trade center, those were destroyed. Please accept my condolences on the victims of 9.11 terrorism.
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